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I’m back at last…! After a long trek around a few Star systems looking for laughs!!! But I admit, nothing beats Earth when it comes to Political Pantomime, second only to the Media, always ready to tell you what you ought to think …just in case you thought differently… and by accident…

(This time, briefly focusing on some of the current world leaders, avidly searching for the ultimate Viagra.)

At first, I was almost disappointed to see that the vanilla haired guy was no longer the planet’s Alpha male, only to find that his successor is even funnier… in his attempt to impersonate a walking robot…! It is with a general sigh of relief we see him reach his pulpit (still standing upright), only to be confronted with his gun slinger’s Pistolero look, ready to draw, before delivering a hard to endure Brill-cream full-of-bravado speech.

But while in the USA a number of specialists continue to try and improve robot walking (while finding rules to stop AI from getting out of hand), in China, no one has yet managed to find a cure for Mr. Ping’s permanent indigestion, either brought about by the sight of foreign dignitaries with hanging tongs, or simply due to some Far Eastern food delicacies, given that the Chinese actually admit that the only things they don’t eat with legs are furniture items!

Of course no one is perfect! In India too, every time Mr. Modi tries to hide from probing eyes, he is often betrayed by a strong smell of onions engulfing his securities. And as for the Kremlin, (known to only a few), the main reason why Mr. Putin is still there is because his security personnel refuses to give him an internal map of the place.

The most unbearable of them all however must be the Ukrainian leader…!! He is everywhere you look and always wearing that same top, which is probably the main reason why no one ever stands next to him when he delivers a speech! B… Bu… B… But who are those people (among so many others like them) and what do they really want…? Love? A mention in the History Books? A replenished Swiss Bank account? Do they know it themselves? Whatever that might be…, my conclusion is:

Let’s be entertained… while hastily digging some really deep bomb shelters…

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