Behind the VLUVIDIUM collection...

The first Volume of THE VLUVIDIUM COLLECTION (The Voyage) was written in Paris in 1974, as a distraction for the turmoil in my private life and left in a drawer until 2005, when it was revised and the Collection then completed, but kept away from Publishers’ eyes.
…And then taken to the next level in 2019… looking for the ultimate “Why”, with THE VLUVIDIUM COLLECTION La Suite (+ 7 follow-on Volumes)

The Detail

(Written in a near-Diary format, TONY shares it all with the reader… leaving no stone unturned.)

Taken from Earth seemingly by accident, TONY AMCA finds himself in a Human World at a different level of evolution: the world of Vluvidium. (An Earth-like planet in the system of Alpha Centauri – the nearest star to us after the Sun).

He soon learns that Vluvidians were originally from Earth and grew from a handful of space travellers, surviving a war of annihilation some 50,000 years earlier, when Earth’s Humanity was about as scientifically advanced as today… And that the few embrutished survivors that remained on the planet soon reverted to the Stone Age, while Vluvidians continued to evolve.

Then helped by fate, circumstances, and some of his natural attributes, Tony gradually integrates into this Human World…, and begins a relentless rise through the Social and Political Ranks of Vluvidium.

Behind the XAKATAN collection...

While living by Copa Cabana beach in the mid-1980s, recovering from another Divorce (!), I met a Brazilian Heiress who enjoyed spending her weekends there, sunbathing in her Jaguar bikini, while her Pilots stayed at the Airport waiting to fly her back to this huge Amazonian ranch belonging to her parents, somewhere near Peru, and the presumed XAKATAN basin.
We got talking and with one thing leading to another, two or three weekends later, she invited me to fly back with her and spend a week at the Fazenda (Ranch). Then one afternoon, halfway into that week, we went for a long horse ride off the beaten track, along what she claimed was an ancient Inca trail… and there, as if by destiny, I found an ancient figurine I now know is quite unique and genuine.
Years passed. Brazil was long behind me, but I still had the 20cm tall Artefact… and perhaps driven by nostalgia, I started the XAKATAN Trilogy…

The Detail

A well-educated social drop out, Pedro Bolivar became a lone fisherman who lived on a coastal shack near Recife (Brazil). Befriended by the Akazi (a small Indio tribe relocated from Amazonia to the same peninsula), he soon gained the attentions of two of their young Indio girls (Deedee and Ara).

Life however was not done with Pedro and through a chance encounter, he finds himself involved in a treasure hunt that turns out to be something considerably different, but which none-the-less propels him to the very top of the world of finance, Secret Societies, Wallstreet and mega deals…