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Tuesday 11th of July, 2023


So… What makes THE AMCAM different from all that has come before it?

Be it because of allegiances, tribalistic nature, or just plain egotistical indulgence, the sad truth is that since the beginning of time, all forms of government, Social Orders or System, have always had one thing in common: they are designed to favour a specific Group/Class of people (or our thing!), instead of addressing the whole interests of the Community they are supposed to serve. If we then add our natural intense dislike for being told how we should live, or made to live a life in a fashion that doesn’t quite fit with our personal nature, we end up with the perfect recipe for everlasting conflict, even without looking at the long memory of Historical conflicts!!

My conclusion from this (and more) is that Human beings (in general) cannot be relied upon to rule over the Masses without grossly bending rules to favour A, B or C Allies…

To have Artificial Intelligence do the job could neither be an acceptable option at this point in time, especially with it being a Science still in its infancy… and this invariably leaves us with a single option: THE AMCAM.

The objectives that led to the creation of THE AMCAM were primarily:

  1. The need to prevent Humanity from self-annihilation.
  2. The need to stop and reverse the damage being made to Earth’s environment.
  3. The need to create Peace and Stability throughout the world.
  4. The need to develop objectively all underdeveloped parts of the world
  5. The need to provide access to Education, Health, food, and housing for all.
  6. The need to accept and respect all Ideologies, Ethnicity and Religious diversity.
  7. The need to allow each Human being to live exactly the way they wish.
  8. The need to end poverty and all the needless misery around the globe.
  9. The need to bring Humanity to its next stage of evolution, so that together we
    may face the Universe as one sane and civilised species.
    Strangely enough, to achieve these goals is relatively straightforward, if we follow the
    three interim stages that precede THE AMCAM to the letter. But just like any medicine
    prescribed to cure an ailment, unless it contains the right balance of ingredients and is
    administered in the recommended fashion, the cure will most probably not occur.

(N.B. 1) No matter how controversial, radical, or unorthodox.