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Tuesday 23rd of May, 2023


What are the real aims of the AMCAM and what will the end result be?

To most of us, seeing the constant novel Human scientific achievements can easily fool us into thinking that we are moving forward as a Species. And of course we are, in that sense ... But unless we organise ourselves properly for the present, medium and longer terms, there is no way we'll make it. Humanity needs to reorganise itself objectively, if it wishes to reach its next stage of evolution, and fulfil its destiny.

I’d much rather concentrate on solutions, instead of joining the thousands that make a living by just pointing fingers … But in truth (and for only this once), let’s take a look, so that the reasons behind some of my proposed solutions might make a bit more sense:

CLIMATE: Climate solutions can never be adequately addressed, unless all major world players will see a clear immediate financial benefit … , like the monkey and the peanut!

WAR AND PEACE: United we stand and divided we fall. It will take little to understand that Historically, the motto of all Superpowers and Colonialist powers has always been “Divide and Conquer”. A War between Peoples is good business … , and a world at War even better!

GLOBALISATION: Is a good idea, but not by imposing one’s values upon other Peoples and Cultures, unless one is to create further Discordia!

EDUCATION: Should prepare people for life, not just a job… Nor transform the learner into some blindfolded extension of Government.

COMMON LAW: Seems to be there mainly to protect the State and the Capital, rather than actively pursuing genuine Justice… As is the punishment for most crimes.

THE UNITED NATIONS: Originally a noble institution rendered powerless whenever it may hurt the interests of its main players. A façade made to make the world believe that there might be hope, after all.

THE WORLD BANK: Another great idea at the start, only to become an Economic trap for any poorer Nation… and a free-for-all for those unaccountable in Power.

NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS: Basically, the Elephant in the room…, often out of touch with Regional and localised priority needs. Inspirational leadership…

POLITICS, MAIN POLITICAL PARTIES AND THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS: Politicians are people given the chance to be in Power by those whose interests they’ll protect. The main Political Parties are a Club whose primary goal is not to let outsiders in. And the Democratic process, a way to guarantee that only those among the vetoed can win.