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Tuesday 9th of May, 2023


To build a new and bigger house where another already stands + Politicians

To build a new house where another one stands can only be done by demolishing the building that’s already there, if nothing can be salvaged, should the new construction be made to house a lot more people, while delivering their real needs. This of course, is a very delicate process that requires not only balance, but to also retain some basic established values, such as money, ownership and Civil liberties, or risk triggering the Monkeys into frenzied panic attacks...!!!

In other words, from the outdated concepts of robbing the rich to give to the poor, or robbing the poor to give to the rich…, or even robbing everyone into a Beggar-culture of Dole-queueing dependent generations… and crippling taxation levels for those not lucky to be in Government…! It is about time for us to recognise that the main culprit is the chronic mismanagement of resources by all Governments, often brought about through lack of vision and corruption…, when not just plain greed.

Like the global Climate emergency, changing the ways nations are governed is not an easy fix and requires a concerted proactive effort. For that effort to succeed however, a clearly visible peanut needs to be seen up-front… rather than simply the thought of future generations frying in the open air alone! And this prompts the question “What could that peanut be?”

The answer to this question is not straightforward, as are a politician’s motive to seek power, ranging widely from; a good chance to make some easy money, to be seen like some big “say-so”… or rarely, someone with a genuine desire to serve the community to the best of his/her ability. This then gets further muddled up when it comes to the Democratic process! At the Ballot Box, success is often determined by looks, personal charisma, and the amounts spent on a campaign, rather than a candidate’s substance, since they seldom know what they might find in Office…, and are therefore definitely not in a position to make any promises and pledges. And as for the Voters, what have they really understood about the choices they are being asked to make…? Or the true validity of the individual that makes them tick their Box?

But to understand Politics and politicians is simple: you only get to be in power if you can be perceived to look after the interests of Those that want you there. And Those, tend to be either the “Big Capital”, or another Country looking for an allied puppet.