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Tuesday 20th of June, 2023


The United Nations + The World of Bank

Established at the end of WWII, the U.N. was supposedly created to help prevent the world from descending into another World War, by awarding special privileges to the emerging main economic and military powers of post WWII, namely the USA, China, Russia, the UK and France. (Ironically, the fiercest rivals vying for global influence).

In todays’ world however, one could almost compare that same group of 5 Nations to the Cosa-Nostra, shamelessly holding the rest of the world at ransom, based on their economic interests (including the sale of every type of armament to Countries seeking to “Protect” themselves adequately), while trying to be perceived as holding a Moral higher ground. It’s all a subliminal game of make-believe, helped by the global Media networks wishing to stay in business…

Starting with the noblest of interests from the outset, the U.N. is now little more than a club with privileged members pretending to arbitrate across borders, but powerless to deliver any form of justice. I don’t feel that the U.N. should be scrapped as such, but I feel its functionality should be totally reformed in order to fulfil its original role, so as to be in a position to administer Global justice, without the exclusive control of the 5. A lot more on this in the AMCAM.

We then have The World Bank; another noble Institution originally created about the same time as the UN, in 1944/5, meant to primarily assist in the rebuilding of Post War Europe and Japan, and later evolving to “Assist” the world’s underdeveloped Nations.

The main contributors to this are (of course) the same 5, in what has become a boom business! The Assistance it provides however, often ends up crippling the nations it is supposed to help; by imposing ill affordable interest rates on loans, not to mention all the corruption in between. Most Countries receiving such help often struggle to repay those loans (and sometimes even the interest alone…!) and are thus prevented from developing their own Economies and infrastructure.

Likewise, this Institution should not be scrapped, since such a role is needed, but its methods and conditions need to be fundamentally reformed, so as to fulfil its desired purpose, rather than to render the poor poorer, while replenishing the coffers of the do-gooders.

The proposed reform of the World Bank will also be clearly detailed in the AMCAM and combined with the role of the U.N.