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Tuesday 16th of May, 2023


Worker’s rights and Pensions + The State -V- Private Enterprise

To build a new house where another one stands can only be done by demolishing the building that’s already there, if nothing can be salvaged, should the new construction be made to house a lot more people, while delivering their real needs. This of course, is a very delicate process that requires not only balance, but to also retain some basic established values, such as money, ownership and Civil liberties, or risk triggering the Monkeys into frenzied panic attacks...!!!

Unlike in a “nanny society” where failure tends to be rewarded and success penalised, in the AMCAM, the active combination between Private Enterprise and the financially proactive State will guarantee an end to poverty, creating a society where no one will fall below a certain minimum social standard. To make this possible however, several things need to be achieved, besides the lowering of taxes to businesses and ordinary people. A society without the constant threat of wars and free from the engineers of misery and chaos must become a reality, and be recognised as a basic human right.

The AMCAM makes this possible, although like a medicine, all parts need to be exact.

In an AMCAM Society, the Worker is not just a mere convenience that costs less to an Employer, than the value of the work he or she produces. Whilst in present day world it is often said that some work for a living while others live to work … , in the AMCAM, each person and the State need to fulfil complementary roles and obligations, in order to greatly improve the general quality of life for any citizen. That is to say that; after a total of 25 years working for one, or several employers, everyone will be entitled to an AMCAM pension, but will remain free to continue employment, if so desired, without loss of any part of their deservedly gained Pension. In poor words, i.e., if one starts to work at the age of 21 and works for 25 years, they can retire by the time they’ll be 46. In turn, the State will provide free Education, free Healthcare, free childcare for those in work, and guarantee a superior standard of living for every man, woman, and child.

In the AMCAM, although under strict Fair-play rules, the State and Private Enterprise will be competitors. This will not only allow for much lower Taxation levels, but place the State in a position where it can offer employment to those who are unemployed, need retraining, or cannot find employment in the Private Sectors.

This, as well as extensive reforms to the way the State is administered will not occur overnight, of course, and 3 comprehensive transition periods of 3 years each will be required, before the AMCAM becomes a reality. None the less, one will enjoy a great benefit to the quality of life already from day 1 of the first period of transition. (The transition periods don’t aim at changing the rights of proprietorship, alter basic financial values, or affect one’s legally acquired wealth, although some legislation is needed to curb destabilising speculative practices. From among others, changes will focus on: Reforming Common Law, Education, Tax Administrative rules, the Welfare State, the United Nations, and a review of current Global Geo-Political subdivisions)