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Tuesday 20th of September, 2023


Amplification of the World Markets, AI and Human expansion.

To facilitate the transition from non self sufficient to autonomous Economies, there are 3 vital areas that will require development in each NEW STATE, regardless.

  • General infrastructure, with focus on Transport and Communications network, as well as Energy generating, Green spaces and general Ecological balance.
  • Social infrastructure, focusing on Schools, Apprenticeships, Higher Education, Housing, Medical Services, Agricultural and Manufacturing development.
  • Specific Industries, based on the Climate, Natural resources, and Geographical conditions of each NEW STATE.

Artificial Intelligence should also play an important role in the betterment of Human standards, especially when it comes to the A to Z of food production and preparation. The use of agricultural space needs to be multiplied, as our numbers are fast growing towards the 100 Billion mark.

Assuming that within the next 150 years we should be able to travel almost anywhere within our Solar system, we should gradually be shaping Planet Earth to become a source of Food and Leisure, and to export the heavy industries, mining and pollutant manufacturing to lifeless planets and Satellites.

AI can only be a danger to Humanity if all ultimate decision-making processes will be left to non-humans, or if warfare technologies start to allow bypassing human control as a way to become more effective. The greatest danger of course, should AI become able to freely decide in all sorts of issues, is if (perhaps rightly) Artificial intelligence was to conclude that because of greed, tribalistic allegiances, and sexism, humanity is simply not up to the job of ruling itself… (?) We just need to look at History…!

An essential part of the “Pre AMCAM Interim phase 3” will be to maturely look where we are heading timewise in the short, medium and long term, and plan ahead, prioritising the survival and well being of our world and Species, rather than the pointless wealth of a few lost souls!