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Tuesday 5th of September, 2023


A glimpse into a World of NEUTRAL and SPECIFIC NEW STATES.

Although those living in SPECIFIC NEW STATES may hold different values and views, or prefer to follow specific Doctrines, Religions, or share segregated lifestyles with those of similar beliefs, those in NEUTRAL NEW STATES will live by the AMCAM, in a Society where everyone is free to be themselves and follow any Faith, providing one does not advertise one’s religion, or Political views, aiming at radicalising, converting or disrupt the peace. This said, all religions, social and political ideologies are to be integrated as part of the academic curriculum and will be available to everyone.


If you live in a NEUTRAL NEW STATE, you can live in accordance with anything you like, providing you’ll keep it private. If on the other hand you feel you’d rather live life openly and in a particular way, among others with similar views, you should then perhaps live in a SPECIFIC NEW STATE that fits the bill.

In common

  • 50% of the Tax revenue of each NEW STATE is to be administered by that same
    NEW STATE and the other 50% is to go to the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OF ALL
    NATIONS, to help raise the standards of those NEW STATES in greater need.
  • No Human being is to be denied access to any NEUTRAL or SPECIFIC NEW STATE
    for as long as the respect of the NEW STATES’ Laws and customs are adhered to
    in full by the visitors.
  • Although each NEW STATE will be Economically and Politically Autonomous, the
    CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OF ALL NATIONS is ultimately responsible for the well
    being of every human being, and in extreme circumstances reserves the right to
    overrule any NEW STATE’s decree that may affect the wellbeing of its citizens.
  • Every NEW STATE is equally represented in the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OF ALL
    The objective of the Pre AMCAM Interim phase 3 is to implement a made to measure
    programme of development needed to allow for each NEW STATE to be autonomous,
    whether it be a NEUTRAL or a SPECIFIC NEW STATE.

To be continued…