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Tuesday 25th of July, 2023


Mending the Environment and establishing A NEW WORLD ORDER

We have now reached a point in time where no one can possibly deny that unless we seriously address and deal with the causes of climate pandemonium, we are going to burn before we drown (or the other way round), and probably long before the end of this century!! Unfortunately, I feel that through greed and utter stupidity, the world’s political and industrial leaders will never let go of “the peanut”… as if programmed to kill us all one way or the other. WHY? Scientists have concluded (and this is not a joke) that cow farting contributes +/- 30% of all Methane gas released into the atmosphere, closely followed by cars and airplanes with another 30%, then Industrial productivity adding another 30%, and finally from all military related, a miserly 10% (apparently)!
Could the solution be staring us in the face?

Forgetting the cows for a moment, given that all of the remainder seems to be caused by the burning of fossil fuels for the production of energy…, why not address the issue head on, since the technology, the options and the resources are already there, ready to be used? The reasons are simple: lack of combined and objective global Leadership together with silly bureaucracy (given the circumstances) and the traditional delaying tactics of the monkeys. I fear that the time for solutions may have already passed and THE AMCAM is probably the only possible solution, if Humanity can gather its will.

As for Globalisation, we come to another sign of stupidity…! It will only ever happen if it will be done by consent, otherwise by attempting to impose one’s values upon every other culture, the only likely result will be conflict, forever amplified by those needing retribution and reparation. Is that it? Cannot be! If true Globalisation is in our hearts, then the only way it can be achieved is through THE AMCAM. Let’s do it.


Therefore, the Interim Phase 2 of THE AMCAM is the combined process of solidifying the overall reforms initiated from day one of Phase 1, so that by day 1 of Year 7 we will be able to see THE AMCAM in full flow.