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Tuesday 18th of July, 2023


Geo-Political reorganisation and the devolution of Central Governments

Without changing the Geographical shape of any recognised Nation, when it comes to Governing, local people and their local/regional governments tend to know their true requirements a lot better than those who may be sitting at their desks a few hundred miles away. Equally important is to reshape the administrative boundary limits of all local/regional governments, so as to define and recognise the legitimate homeland of any one Ethnic People, any Creed, or any community wishing to follow an ideology or way of life within each jurisdiction. To facilitate the text going forward, we shall name these newly formed administrative areas as “New States”. Each to be no smaller than Liechtenstein and no bigger than Taiwan. Globally, the total number of “New States” will be approximately 10,000. (2)

From the Tax Revenue generated from within each “New State”, 50% will be retained and administered by the “New State’s” government, while the remainder 50% will be absorbed and administered by each National Government. In turn, from the total Tax revenue that enter the National Government’s coffers, 25% are for mixed investment on National infrastructure projects, 25% are for novel profit making National Industry projects in partnership with private enterprise (3), and 50% are to help “New States” with lower income to achieve greater autonomy.

I should stress that the percentage figures given are only approximate and indicative from what will be left, after the delivery of traditional National and Social obligations.

As for the UNITED NATIONS (Decision-making, Implementation and Execution):

  1. 50% of the Military forces of all Nations (at each Nation’s own expense) are to
    be placed under the direct command of the U.N. and used as needed.
  2. The U.N.’s Security Council will have a Higher Chamber and a Lower Chamber and no “Permanent Members” to bully smaller Nations. The Higher Chamber will be made up of representatives of all Central Governments, with power to judge and enforce International Law (collectively), with an added mandate to protect each and every Human being regardless. And the Lower Chamber will be made up of representatives from each “New State” and will be there as an advisory body to the Higher Chamber, to bring to the fore any relevant issues and simultaneously provide a bridge linking every community and the Higher Chamber.
  3. Crimes of war and against Humanity are to be judged there (not in The Hague)

(2) By the end of the Interim phase 1, each “New State” will have become classed as being either; a NEUTRAL NEW STATE (fully integrated and using the AMCAM proper) or be defined as a SPECIFIC NEW STATE (set apart and/or compliant with the wishes of its inhabitants as to any particular way by which they wish to live).

(3) National Industry projects are to be competitive with private enterprise and will be there to ensure that full training/retraining and full/part-time employment is available to all, regardless, and to eventually lessen the tax burden to ordinary people and businesses.

General Reforms to be implemented during phase 1

  1. Human Rights are to be redefined.
  2. New Employment and worker’s rights to be introduced.
  3. Civilian Law is to be reviewed and sentencing reassessed.
  4. Custodial terms and conditions are to be revised.
  5. International and inter-New States’ Laws to be introduced
  6. Introduction of a compulsory 6 month period of Conscription for every man and woman at a time of their choosing between the ages of 18 to 25. The purpose of this being: to improve natural discipline and to educate the individual in variety of useful areas, from Self-defence, First aid, Swimming and Nature survival skills, to cooking and a few useful D.I.Y. basics (from construction to mechanics and IT).
  7. Every Human being will be free to travel anywhere on the Planet, conditional to fully abiding by, and respecting local laws and customs.
  8. The New United Nations Buildings will need to be relocated to Switzerland and be perhaps renamed as The Supreme Government of all peoples of Earth, also incorporating:
    A- The Assembly of the Higher and Lower Chambers.
    B- The combined Military Command Centre of 50% of all global Military Forces.
    C- The World Bank (under new directives)
    D- The planet’s highest Court of Justice.
    E- All other current areas supposedly under U.N. responsibility
  9. To help the Armaments Industries to transition into other areas of Industry that may require comparative areas of expertise and the same general knowhow.

These and many other Phase 1 Reforms will aim to progressively replace some current Legislation and other terribly outdated systems within civilian governance, and will be comprehensively explained, and detailed, in THE AMCAM Book itself. In short, Phase 1 could be defined as a redesign of the global pyramid of government while establishing a social infrastructure from which to maximise all Human potential in a dignified way, while giving the utmost urgency in addressing all climate issues.