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Let me introduce myself



My name is EETTEE and I’m what you would normally call “An Alien”, from a planet far too far away to make any explanation relevant. But let me put your mind at rest from the outset; you can be sure that we are definitely not planning to take over your World, (God forbid…!) We don’t even eat meat!

In fact, I’m a secret agent in charge of providing entertainment for my people, and your planet has the proven potential to provide endless fun and unbeatable value for money; from the way Politics and Economics are run, to the folkloristic central characters at the heart of it all… Especially this new custard hair guy that wants to play Poker with everybody… Can’t think of his name…

I’ve been asked by the people running Amca Books, if I’d mind sharing a copy of my monthly report home, so that they could also have a laugh at the things we find so funny… (I said, Whatever…) And I hope you’ll find it funny too… or at least blatantly informative on what’s hiding in plain view.

You can also link up with me through Social media… and if I don’t get back to you straight away, it could well be that it is because I’m too busy hanging on every word being uttered by the World’s current “Top Thinkers” … or looking for more vegetables!

spaceship on another planet