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A very warm welcome to all existing and new visitors to my humble Facebook space, and a special hello to those looking for some level of sanity, in a world dominated by humans whose minds are no longer theirs…!

The time has come to get hold of the megaphone and shine a ray of light into the hearts of those who’ve come to feel that only darkness awaits…, instead of nature’s given right to enjoy and share in God’s creation… and hence why we are what we are.

But I’m no preacher, nor some politician seeking power through false pretences! No, no thanks! I’m no different nor better than anyone else… yet I see it clearly, and would like to share some of my vision with you…, should humanity aspire to enter its next stage of evolution (in one piece), by perhaps adopting The AMCAM.


Although one can vaguely glimpse into an AMCAM world by reading the in between the lines of the fictional “Vluvidium Collection”, and the intimate adventures of Tony AMCA, as he awakens in a human world at peace with itself…, The actual AMCAM understands our present world and offers a real life combination of basic practical solutions that are vital, if we are to avert anarchy on a global scale, and the likely implosion of Humanity, along with its habitat.

But don’t take my word for it.

The AMCAM is not yet available for sale anywhere, but since you are probably curious, I
plan to share my thoughts with you on a wide range of related topics, over the next few
weeks, so that you can see where I’m coming from. And if you like what you see, spread
the word…

It is actually funny to think that if you are a human being, you are already one of us…!!!

(The AMCAM revolution is for the minds…, not the streets…)