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Thursday 27th of April, 2023


The difference between the present and yesteryear & How to catch a monkey

To understand the relevance of The AMCAM in today’s world, it will suffice to look around wherever you may be. And whether you’ll focus on the Climate, Politics, Economics, or the general Social obligations of Governments to their citizens, the whole thing is woefully out of date by decades…, if not centuries!

Thanks to scientific innovations, particularly in the field of electronic communications, the entire planet has become like a village where we can interact with almost anyone, instead of seeing people from different nations and cultures, as if they were barbaric aliens full of demonic intentions… When in fact we are amazingly alike in spirit and nature…, as well as in our personal aspirations and priorities as individuals.

Our downfall however is our tribal nature…! Be it by supporting a sporting team, Patriotic fervour, Religious, Ethnic or Political affiliation, we seem to need that feeling of belonging to something bigger and greater than our individual selves, even to irrationality in cases!!

…And it is this weakness that has been exploited time and time again by those seeking to gain power through the manipulation of the masses, for whatever may suit their purpose.

But this can be played both ways…

I once saw a TV programme on how some African tribes catch monkeys, and the system is childishly simple: 1st, you place a shelled peanut inside a hollow coconut, with only space for the monkey’s hand to get inside it… and once they grab the peanut which they cannot let go of, the fisted hand remains trapped inside!

Be it in the world of politics, finance, or any other high-profile position of power however, those who seek the position are just like the monkey and the peanut… They will never let go of the peanut… regardless!